Explore Few New Positions While Engaging in Sex with Trans GirlsPosted by mikeleigh on February 19th, 2020

* Booty bridgeThis kind of booty bridge position is very intense and can be tiring too. So, save it for the last round. Here your escort will be in standing position keeping her feet spread and also bends over forward touching the floor.
You will enter from behind standing straight and also holding her torso. For anal sex, this is a great position but is very explosive.

* Penetration with side to side Penetration in this position is considered very erotic, which may allow the penis to penetrate very deep. Here your trans girl will lie on her side keeping one of her knees bent on her stomach.
You will be between her legs with bended knees. You can get absolutely phenomenal penetration with such position and that will surely please your lover.
You too will like this position, as they can be very deep and can also view her boobs, cock and face her.

* Diamond positionIn this type of sex position, the male partner will lie on the back and let his partner straddle and sit upright on top. During this position, the escort girl will glide back and forth or side to side to make the shape of the diamond.
This will allow all your explosive areas to get stimulated. Your escort girls will rave about in this position, due to facial contact and also ease of this position.
It can also save some energy, as you will not get tired due to up/down motion.

Most of you choose familiar sex positions, while engaging in a sex act with your partner. However, in order to explore more variety and get pleasure, it is important to try new sex positions, so that your sex experience will not become boring and monotonous.
You can try different sex positions, when you are with your trans escort too. In this small article, we shall tell you few different new sex positions, which you may not have ever tried before.

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* Carnal clenchIn this carnal clench position, the 2 partners will be quite close to each other. Here the escort will be lying on the stomach by keeping her legs spread. You will lie down on her top and penetrate your cock in her anus.
After you enter, the escort can cross both her ankles, so that it will give her great amount of control and friction on your penis. This position is one of the intense positions and will allow the shemale to feel your male penis a lot better.
To sum up, we can say that having sex with any trans girl or normal girl will not be too different and all these sex positions can be enjoyed by you as well as your sex partner equally well.
There can also be few more combinations that your escort will also know much more because of her experience with many others. She will also know how to take proper care of you, during the sex act in a proper way.

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