HOWO – Brand of the Chinese creator at exhibition events in Jingmen

HOWO is leading brand of the Chinese automobile industry which work in in the countries of Eastern Europe, the USA and in some African countries.
Outwardly special equipment is similar to with the famous Volvo FL. These machines manufactured in Chinese enterprises technically equipped such experienced teams like Eaton Fuller, Steyr and ZF.
Among superiorities of technology – reasonable price and wide choice of spare parts. Dump trucks HOWO, concrete mixers find supporters well-known developers. This is reliable special equipment can be operated over many years.
Nevertheless, in order to maintain operability, expected repair key mechanisms every a year. Solving such a problem without stable dealer unlikely succeed.
To owners of companies, going to use trucks, better contact verified dealer construction equipment. Agents working with BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD, able accept machines quickly and with warranty obligations quality. Concrete mixers delivered directly from manufacturer. Other excellence representative include:
1. No overpayment due to efficient fitted logistics
2. Warranty and post-warranty repair of machinery and equipment
3. Opportunity technical reconstruction mechanisms for various configurations
4. Compatibility of spare parts for some models
Purchase cars HOWO with transportation in Hungary and other countries Europe
If you think that there is a need for that clarify all details partnerships, then you can chat with employees BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD. Manager companies able to answer existing questions.
Our offer includes includes low cost models special equipment. The customer has the opportunity develop their fleet based on limited funds. This recognized premise demand for services BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD.
With with our team work builders, road workers and even forestry. All labor of such persons is saturated with realization of opportunities and cooperation.

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