Nine celebrities, who first mastered film career in the field of adult entertainment

Who does not know ALL actresses in the porn industry, you probably didn’t had information that these famous actors who now pretty famous in Hollywood, took their first career steps in in XXX films.
For some of them, it became fun, but for some it became an absolute necessity to make a living. Probably, your eyes will widen when you find the faces of several actors among them!
Shu Qi. Career in porn. Most likely, you saw her in the role partner Jason Statham in Transformers, and also in many others other films. Shu Qi was born in Taiwan and began to career, sending out her pictures as an irresistible character in pornographic magazines, as well act in porn scenes. Accepted at a job agent, she soon left the world XXX to act not in porn movies, in multi-genre movies.
Adam West. Lighted up in porn. Having mastered the role in the motion picture about Batman, in about 1970s he was somewhat forgotten for the next films.
Helen Mirren. Her porn career. She won award Oscar for Best Actress in a film about Elizabeth II, and also took part in other films. But nonetheless before before she became famous and made career, she took part in the filming in several pornographic films, as well as did not hesitate to exhibit her naked body in different roles in role understudy.
Sylvester Stallone. Porn actor from the distant 1970s. You probably know his from the Rocky and Rambo films, but know a lot that his first movie debut was in the movie “Herd”, 1970s Porn Movie? He himself repeatedly stated that he accepted the role of in porn in order to hold out, because his career stalled, and barely managed to find a fee for the rent. How much he earned? 200 dollars.
Cameron Diaz. Cameron, oh yes! Cameron also agreed to shoot in porn! From her porn career almost there were references, but many remember that Cameron Diaz made many beautiful “pornographic” photo shoots, before get recognition in Hollywood.

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