Conditioning School Review P90-x With Tony Horton in DC

Images by Melissa Romero.

Tony Horton added his P90X work out to the Embassy of Canada on Tuesday as part of the embassy’s attempts to advertise health and exercise. Particularly when he’s performing some intense burpees and 360-degree squat leaps before you at 8am. It’s hard to think Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, is turning 55 in July.

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An average round went something like this: push-ups, line advances, walking planks, and leap lunges each executed to get a minute or longer. We began the work out with a light warm up and soon dove in to the five circuits, which each involved four exercises that focused on the cardio and arms, chest, key, and legs, respectively.

are trying to convince themselves that they still have what it takes to make it into the NBA Finals and return home with a ring. There were only 1:22 seconds left in the game when Rose tried to leap off with his left foot as he was going through the lane straight into the basket. Rose had 23 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists when he was injured. Right after the fall, Rose went to the ground and held his left knee with both of his hands. You could tell by his face he was in some serious pain.

Tim Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls are making one heck of an effort trying not to make a big deal out of a huge blow. But the 103-91 win did cost the Bulls their finest player. The Bulls have without a doubt lost their best man in the court for the Playoffs. But if we look at it from a very cold perspective, they might as well just keep on playing and battling the whole thing out. They won the first game of the Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. The facts are out there. A few hours later, the team officials announced what already many Chicago fans feared: Derrick Rose had suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and was going to miss the rest of the season. If these was the Miami Heat and it was LeBron James we were talking about, or if these was the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant was going to be out for the season, this would had been a different story. What moves us a bit about this story is that deep down inside we all could agree with his teammate Carlos Boozer. Turf toe, back spasms, pulled groin and foot injuries, it’s been a very rough year for Rose. As a matter of fact, he missed 39 of the Bulls 66 regular season games. Derrick Rose, the incumbent MVP, is now out for the rest of the season, and just as some reporters hurry up to say that with Rose, the dream of a title evaporates for the Bulls, Thibodeau and Co. The thing is that Rose has been struggling all season long with injuries. He was asked about his philosophy of keeping his top players in late-game situations when the outcome is not in doubt. “It seems like he just can’t catch a break. It seems that they want to blame the coach of the year and not bad luck, or the particularly demanding (because of the lockout) schedule for Rose’s injuries. I just feel for him, man. “It’s tough,” Boozer said in the press conference after the game. “The score was going the other way.” And that’s that. “I don’t work backwards like you guys do,” Thibodeau said. Now, on a shameful note: Jason Petrie, a Nike shoe designer who came up with LeBron James’ signature sneakers, tweeted this. “You got one guy only getting stronger, and one guy breaking down before our very eyes. He really can’t catch a break this season.” Once again, the subtle attacks came against the Bulls head coach Tim Thibodeau. It’s easy to say that once the game is over, and reporters have consistently been making the same question. #shouldasignedwithNIKE #GWS,” Petrie wrote, referring also to James and Heat’s 33-point Game 1 victory over the New York Knicks. You chose poorly Pooh… It might be just me but I hope they fire his sorry ass.

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